Monday, January 2, 2012

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Utilising the ITC Thermal Recovery Unit. The GreenCell Thermal Recovery Process - The Thermal Recovery Unit (TRU) is a patented and proprietary process which continuously converts organic materials into non-hazardous, recoverable resources (hot gases, steam and carbon char) within an oxygen-free environment.
Convert waste via pyrolysis to produce energy and bio-char.
What is Thermal Recovery (Pyrolysis)?
Thermal Recovery is the destructive distillation of organic material through the application of intense indirect heat without oxygen. Waste material is converted to methane gases (for use in power generation) and non-hazardous carbon char (a resalable byproduct).
This system is in compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Clean Air Act guidelines.
Through this process, waste volume may be reduced by as much as 92%. Thermal Recovery can also yield recoverable energy outputs of around 5 BTU for every BTU of input!

Thermal Recovery is NOT Incineration
Unlike traditional incineration systems, the TRU release no harmful by products or emissions. This system has been rated "Best Available Control Technology" (BACT) by regulatory agencies worldwide.

Marketable applications for the TRU are as diverse as they are beneficial. Such applications include recycling of tires/rubber, municipal solid waste, medical waste, plastics, sewage sludge, industrial wastes and contaminated soils. Recycling of carbon neutral agricultural and biomass wastes, as well as environmentally-sound recovery and development opportunities are possible through the TRU's valuable yields of energy and char.
About the GNUL
The World now realises what the Earth has been trying to say for some time…. It is running out of breath and now is the time to act, before it is too late. The GreenCell GNUL bio-processor - which can be built into the infrastructure that creates our greenhouse gases - turns our worst problem into our greatest asset.
The GNUL replicates lungs that breathe in CO2 and other polluting elements and breathes out sweet oxygen, cleans water for re-use and turns bio-waste into useful by-products. It’s what nature has been doing since life on earth began. A low-energy natural process with measurable results. Now we can all be part of a solution, instead of the problem.

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